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General Conference – Day 8

Delegations from three conferences come together for food and fellowship

For the past few years, the Susquehanna Conference has been part of a tri-conference partnership with the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Conferences. This evening, the delegates came together for dinner and fellowship in celebration of that partnership.



Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver Nominated to Committee

Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver has been nominated to serve on the the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters. This is a permanent committee of General Conference composed of 43-members from all Jurisdictions in the US and all Central Conferences outside the US. It serves as a coordinating body that studies the structure and supervision of The United Methodist Church in Africa, Asia and Europe. Membership is by nomination by the Council of Bishops.

“In this season of the church, I am humbled by the nomination by the Council of Bishops,” said Gary. “It is exciting to be asked to serve within the wider connection of The United Methodist Church. As our church grows globally it is important to be supportive of that growth and to assure that the proper structure supports our United Methodist future.”


Reflection: Share a meal and make new friends

Rev. Jake Waybright continues to build connections with delegates from the central conferences, this morning during breakfast with a group from the Philippines Central Conference. He shares this reflection:

“They were missing their Filipino breakfasts of fried rice and dried fish (fried until it is crispy), and they made me hungry as I looked at our cold cereal. They shared excitement about a petition we are considering to include the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to the Philippines Central Conference because they have sent missionaries there and have established several UMC churches among Filipino workers in these Middle Easter countries. It was very exciting to hear about!!

They talked about how excited they were for regionalization – the Philippines Central Conference led the way in creating regionalization proposals. They talked about their belief that regionalization will allow mission and ministry to grow exponentially as each region gets to focus on their cultural and contextual mission and our general church focus to be on making more disciples. And of course they told me that I had to visit their beautiful country some day and make sure to visit their beautiful beaches that I will not want to leave! It’s now on my travel list. So cool to experience the many cultures that are the UMC and are making disciples of Jesus in their culture and context around the world!”

UM News: Regionalization passage a ‘kairos moment’ for Filipinos

Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


LGBTQ bans slowly being eliminated

General Conference delegates have begun making historic policy changes that chip away at longtime church restrictions against LGBTQ people.

Without debate, delegates voted by 667 to 54 for the changes on the day’s consent calendar, which included items that eliminated parts of the Traditional Plan passed in 2019.





Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Full communion with Episcopalians gets closer

The United Methodist Church approved full communion with the Episcopal Church, leaving a similar move by the Episcopalians needed to clinch the deal.






Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


General Conference reduces requested giving

After vigorous debate, delegates voted to reduce the base rate — a key component used in calculating requested annual conference apportionments.

Ultimately, delegates voted to reduce the base to 2.6% for 2025 and 2026. If apportionment collection rates are 90% or higher, the base rate will increase to 2.9% in 2027 and 2028.




Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Time put aside at General Conference to lament abuse

Delegates and other attendees at General Conference gathered outdoors on a terrace at the Charlotte Convention Center to lament damage done by sexual abuse involving the institution and some of its officials.







Daily Summary: April 30

• The United Methodist Church has now approved almost a whole new set of Social Principles. The “Social Community” section is the last remaining petition to be voted on.

• As the plenary session broke for lunch at the Charlotte Convention Center on Tuesday, a line of seminary students and supporters gathered in witness and protest for the ongoing conflict in Palestine

• Bishop Tracy S. Malone, resident bishop of the East Ohio Conference, is the new president of the United Methodist Council of Bishops. Malone is the first Black woman in the history of the worldwide denomination to be elected president of the Council of Bishops.

• In the April 30 morning session, delegates adopted three consent calendars (see bottom of UM News Daily Wrap-up for details)

• Delegates adopted a revised resolution on Korean Peace, Justice and Reunification submitted by the United Methodist Board of Church and Society.

See UM News Daily Wrap-up


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