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The 11th Session of the Susquehanna Annual Conference has been rescheduled for October 3, 2020, at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport, PA

The theme for 2020 is: Better Together ... One in Ministry to All the World

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Annual Conference Rescheduled


Dear Lay and Clergy Members of the Annual Conference,

Grace to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, Healer of our Brokenness, and Hope of our World!

In consultation with the Cabinet and the Sessions Committee, I have approved the rescheduling of the 2020 Session of Annual Conference to Saturday, October 3, at the Williamsport Community Arts Center, 220 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA 17701.  We waited until now to officially make this decision because we had a contract with Hershey Lodge and faced penalties if we cancelled prematurely. With the State government’s prohibition of a large gathering extended beyond the month of May, Hershey Lodge and our conference have mutually agreed that the May dates for Annual Conference will not work this year.

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Lodge & Meal Pricing

To be determined.

Administrative Fee:

We continue to be thankful for the Spending Plan of the Susquehanna Conference that has for many years subsidized the cost of attendance at Annual Conference. You can imagine the expense of a gathering of this magnitude is significant and continues to grow each year. We are thankful to be able to keep the lodging and meal cost per attendee the same as last year. This year there will be a $25 Administrative fee assessed to all attendees. This fee will allow for partial coverage of conducting the work and worship of our Annual Conference meeting. Please know that the Sessions Committee is diligently investigating changes in how we meet to contain costs in the future.

Award Nominations for Annual Conference

Do you know an outstanding United Methodist clergy or lay person or a congregation who you think should be recognized and honored at Annual Conference for their discipleship and achievements?
Take the opportunity now to nominate them and if selected they will attend the Awards Luncheon held at Annual Conference.
Click Here for more information about the awards, deadlines, and who to contact.

Media Deadline

If you will be making a presentation at Annual Conference and need to use any media for visual aids (PowerPoint presentation, images, graphics, etc.), these materials MUST BE RECEIVED by Janelle Walker NO LATER THAN Wednesday, MARCH 25, 2020. WE MUST HONOR THIS DEADLINE WITHOUT EXCEPTION IN ORDER TO BE FAIR TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR A PLEASING PRESENTATION OF YOUR MATERIAL.

E-mail media to

Annual Conference District Care Kit Challenge

As United Methodist Christians, we have a long history of putting hands and feet to the prayers that we lift. Built into our DNA as a faith tradition are two incredibly important truths: 1) Our faith is never separated from our actions. What we believe about Jesus is lived out in the ways that we seek to make a difference in the world. 2) We believe that we are able to do more together than the sum of our individual contributions. When it comes to the Body of Christ working together – being one with each other and one in ministry to the world, 1 plus 1 always equals more than two.

In order to experience that, the Susquehanna Conference (that’s all of us, friends) is being issued an invitation, or a challenge. Between now and the 2020 session of Annual Conference, to be held at Hershey Lodge next May 28-30, churches in all seven districts are each being asked to collect one item which is used to make up Mission Central Care Kits. Churches are then asked to send those items with their pastor and/or lay member to Annual Conference. During Annual Conference, participants will have the opportunity to work together to tangibly live out our call to work for the transformation of the world by assembling those care kits – which will then be distributed through our partners at Mission Central and UMCOR.

  • Altoona District is asked to collect new, adult size washcloths.
  • Harrisburg District is asked to collect ¾” to 1” adhesive bandages, banded together in groups of 6.
  • Lewisburg District is asked to collect hand towels, good quality, preferably 15X25 – 17X27 inches in size.
  • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre District is asked to collect new toothbrushes, which should be left in original, individual packaging.
  • State College District is asked to collect new combs, preferably those which are sturdy and have 6 inches of teeth.
  • Williamsport District is asked to collect bath size soap bars, 3 ounces or larger in original packaging. No Ivory or Jergen’s soap, please.
  • York District is asked to collect toenail or fingernail clippers.

There are over 800 churches in the Susquehanna Annual Conference, and we would love to assemble at least one care kit for each church to reflect the power we have when we come together. To reach this goal, each district is challenged to collect 1,000 of its designated items and see what God can do when we act as one with each other in ministry to the world.

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