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General Conference – Day 7

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball presides over General Conference

During the morning plenary, Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball presided over legislation, with debate that took much of the day to complete concerning The United Methodist Church in Africa and the number of additional bishops to be assigned.

After much discussion, the plenary voted to add two additional bishops, but not the five originally planned by the 2016 General Conference.

Delegates voted 645-96 to add the two African bishops, increasing their number from 13 to 15. They also voted 692-43 to adjust the boundaries of the three central conferences on the continent; starting in 2025, there will be four.



Beautiful moments in unlikely places

Clergy delegate Jake Waybright was part of the “Ordained Ministry” committee, which was assigned over 175 petitions. The committee finished their work with seconds to spare before the deadline.

Jake served on one of four subcommittees, alongside Rev. Kabeya from Congo. He and Rev. Kabeya sat next to each other daily, so that Jake could assist in pulling up the French translations of each petition on the Daily Christian Advocate website. Jake also shared the following story:

“My favorite moment in legislative committee was the first day when we were waiting for translators and we sang together. At one point we sang a few verses of Blessed Assurance and the presiding bishop asked if someone else would sing something in their own language. Members started taking turns singing Blessed Assurance in their own language… French, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, and Russian. A beautiful moment.”


Susquehanna Conference delegates have fun, make friends amidst business

Rev. Gary Weaver with Rev. Francisco Atuo, who serves as the Assistant Secretary of the Higher Education and Superintendency Committee

Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Upbeat mood at General Conference’s halfway point

A sense of calm optimism pervaded General Conference at the close of the first week. Delegates, pages, observers and others have said the mood is markedly different than that at past General Conferences. One observer said, “We’re working together amicably, and there’s a real sense of the body moving toward a shared goal.”




Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Deaconesses and Home Missioners Consecrated; Bishop preaches “Love Every Neighbor”

Bishops at General Conference on April 29 consecrated 26 laypersons, including three central conference members, to a lifetime of service as deaconesses and home missioners. The consecration followed a morning worship message from Mountain Sky Area Bishop Karen Oliveto, who called on attendees to make God’s love visible in all they do and to embody the fullness of God’s love with justice and mercy.




Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Women’s group celebrates past, present, future impact

Through a combination of speech and performance, United Women in Faith leaders displayed their ongoing efforts to drive societal change through focused, faith-driven initiatives.





Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Church court: A youth must be elected to GC commission

The Judicial Council, the denomination’s top court, says General Conference must elect a youth member to the commission that organizes the denomination’s top policy making assembly.







Daily Summary: April 29

• In the April 29 morning session, delegates approved a wide-ranging consent calendar containing more than 100 petitions related to the United Methodist Book of Resolutions.

• The United Methodist General Conference has approved a formal apology for the denomination’s complicity in the 1893 overthrow of Queen Lili`uokalani’s monarchy in the Hawaiian Islands.

• United Women in Faith, United Methodist Men, Africa University, Higher Education and Ministry, and Wespath delivered reports

• The plenary paused to pray for the victims of a deadly shooting that took place in Charlotte this afternoon

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