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General Conference – Day 5


Communion Service Offers Blessing, Break from General Conference Business

Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi served the daily communion to approximately 100 delegates at General Conference, assisted by Denise-Nicole Stone, a young person from the Western Pennsylvania Conference, and Rev. Dr. Ron Bell, director of Healing and Resilience for Discipleship Ministries and The Upper Room.

Audrey Stanton-Smith, editor of response magazine and member of the West Virginia Conference, attended the event and reported.



Lay delegate Toni Oplinger participates in morning worship

Clergy delegate Rev. Tom Salsgiver speaks at the microphone

Church broadens defense of human rights

This morning, General Conference delegates approved the first batch of Revised Social Principles, which offers the United Methodist social witness on government responsibilities and human rights. The vote tally was 671 to 57, passing with 92%. The section on “Basic Rights and Freedoms” reads:

”We condemn all attempts to deny individuals their basic rights or freedoms or to strip human beings of their inherent dignity and worth. We, therefore, reject within the church and wider society any act of discrimination, hatred, or violence directed against individuals or groups based on national origin, tribal affiliation, ethnicity, age, gender identity, disability status, economic condition, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or other any factors. Additionally, in the face of historic wrongs perpetrated against indigenous peoples, enslaved African peoples, and other marginalized groups, we call for forthright confession and repentance as well as concrete acts of reparation to redress past and present forms of social injustice.”

More Social Principles are coming up for a vote next week by the full General Conference plenary. Read the full text of the Revised Social Principles.


Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Stop quarreling and start counting your blessings, United Methodists urged

UM News: United Methodists have argued enough and should unite and rejoice as they have many achievements to celebrate, Zimbabwe resident Bishop Eben K. Nhiwatiwa declared during April 27 morning worship at the United Methodist General Conference.






Daily Summary: April 27

• Delegates spent part of the morning and all afternoon in their legislative committees. This is the last day that these committees will meet before legislation comes to the floor to be voted on.

• The General Conference celebrated the monitoring report that showed greater equality in the make-up of the legislative committee speakers: 51.1% female; 47.9% male; 1% nonbinary.

• There will be no wrap-up on Sunday

See UM News Daily Wrap-up



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