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General Conference – Day 4


Provisional delegates credentialed

Because of resignations on the delegation, provisional delegates were elected at annual conference last summer to fill the vacancies. Before these delegates could serve, a vote by the General Conference was required to authorize. That vote occurred during this morning’s plenary session.

Rev. Gary Weaver offered an amendment to move up the timeline of credentialing so that provisional delegates could begin working as soon as possible. As of this afternoon, John Konieczny, Kim Shockley, and Wesley Bealla are officially credentialed as delegates!


Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News


Bishop: Follow God’s lead at General Conference

UM News: Bishop Sharma Lewis preached the morning service on April 26, urging delegates to let God influence their actions instead of trying to rely solely on their own judgement.

The Mississippi Conference bishop used examples from her life to illustrate that human rationality has its limits, but God does not.




Photo credit: Mike DuBose, UM News

Bishops, delegates join rally for Palestine

Sponsored by United Methodist Kairos Response, the rally brought together more than 100 United Methodist delegates and observers — along with at least six bishops — to hear from a variety of speakers and sing hymns in solidarity.

Kairos Response is involved with several petitions being discussed by delegates at the General Conference in Charlotte, including opposition to continued Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank and calls for an end to the detention and incarceration of children.

United Methodists who attended the rally said the church can’t remain silent when people are suffering.



Daily Summary: April 26

• Upper NY: “Mi nombre es Héctor Antonio Burgos-Núñez, Hispano/Latino, y soy hijo de la hermosa isla de Puerto Rico”. Bishop Héctor A Burgos-Núñez became the first bishop from the island of Puerto Rico, to preside over a plenary at a general conference of The United Methodist Church.

• Legislative committees worked most of the day and submitted legislation to be considered on the floor. The first legislation out of committee was submitted Thursday and will be considered as part of the consent calendar tomorrow.

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