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General Conference – Day 3

General Conference gives regionalization green light

General Conference has now passed much of the legislation that aims to give The United Methodist Church’s different geographic regions equal standing in decision-making.

In what outgoing Council of Bishops President Thomas J. Bickerton called “a historic day for our church,” delegates voted 586 to 164 for an amendment to the denomination’s constitution that will now go before annual conference voters for potential ratification.

A constitutional amendment requires at least a two-thirds vote at General Conference; the regionalization amendment received 78% of the vote. To be ratified, the amendment also will need at least a two-thirds total vote of annual conference lay and clergy voters.


In a video posted Thursday night, Bishop Moore-Koikoi reflected on the regionalization legislation passed earlier today at General Conference and the impact the potential constitutional amendment might have if ratified by annual conferences. Watch video.

Bishop preaches “Thursdays in Black” message
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General Conference delegates in Charlotte, North Carolina, participated in Thursdays in Black, an initiative of the World Council of Churches that encourages wearing black clothing on this one day of the week to call attention to rape and violence against women.

Preaching on Thursday morning, Bishop LaTrelle Miller Easterling raised her voice to tell women who have suffered abuse: “You are strong. You are brave. And you are beloved of God.”

Too often, she said, silence “has been the church’s response to domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, rape as a weapon of war, incest, violence against the transgender community, as well as the abduction and disappearance of Indigenous women.”

Delegates from the Susquehanna Conference joined the hundreds of others in dressing in black today. Learn more about Thursday in Black.

Photo courtesy of Mike DeBose (UM News)


Eurasia gets go-ahead to form own church

On the same day The United Methodist Church moved toward regionalization, General Conference delegates approved the exit of churches in one of its regions.

By a vote of 672 to 67, the delegates approved the departure of four Eurasian annual conferences — which encompasses churches in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Together, the four plan to form the autonomous Christian Methodist Church.



Photo courtesy of Mike DeBose (UM News)

Laity Address: A journalist and a cartoon fish can point the way

Laity Address speakers at General Conference urged United Methodists to work together and keep the faith despite the setback of more than 7,000 disaffiliated churches.

Photographer Jack Corn and animated fish Nemo from the Pixar film “Finding Nemo” can help point the way for members of the denomination, the speakers said.

“Together by Grace” is the theme for the Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders for the 2025-2028 quadrennium.



Daily Summary: April 25

• Bishop David Wilson is the first Native American bishop in the UMC and became the first Indigenous person to preside over General Conference.

• The Revised Social Principles cleared the Church and Society 2 Committee with no changes, by a vote of 41 to 15. The legislation goes to plenary, where debate and efforts to amend are expected.

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