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General Conference – Day 2


McDermott elected as vice-chair of Discipleship legislative committee

This afternoon, the various legislative committees met to organize their section. We celebrate the election of Susquehanna Conference lay delegate Christina McDermott as vice-chair of the Discipleship Legislative Committee!

“Our job as elected committee officers is to help petitions move forward,” she explains. “Petitions become committee items then become calendar items and finally move to the plenary to be voted on. My job as vice-chair is to assist the chair in organizing the work of the committee.”

Her other duties include presiding over the meeting if the chair cannot be there or needs a break, and she helps present the committee’s recommendations to the plenary.

“I am looking forward to working with the other elected members of my committee,” Christina said. “I am also looking forward to working on our petitions.”

Alejandra Salemi delivers the Young People’s Address during the morning plenary session on 4/24/24. (Photo courtesy of Mike DuBose, UM News)

Young people share fears, hopes for future church

Young delegates Alejandra Salemi of Florida and Senesie T.A. Rogers of Sierre Leona delivered the Young People’s Address, sharing the difficulties faced by young people in the church but also offering their hopes during this transformative moment in the life of the church. Their messages underscored the importance of prioritizing young voices.



Delegate Wesley Bealla is the youngest member of the Susquehanna Conference delegation at age 26. He shared his reflections following the address:

This morning, Alejandra Salemi and Senesie T.A. Rogers presented a very meaningful, uplifting, and powerful young people’s address that I believe really speaks to how young adults within the United Methodist Church have felt these last eight years observing the UMC.

As a ‘PK’ and young adult who has grown up in the UMC and experienced the church on the local, annual conference, and jurisidictional levels, I know and have felt the heartbreak the last few years have brought with division and disaffiliations. I think Alejandra really said it best that it feels like we have gone through a divorce from many of our church families and friends.

But we need to move forward, as Senesie said. “Reconciliation and coming together is part of our tradition… The desire for change is a deep tradition for us… Being open to change is not an evil, but the factors that lead to change must be examined.”

What we do over these next two weeks as delegates will not only affect the generations currently in our churches, but future generations and how they feel about the United Methodist Church.

Photo courtesy of Mike DeBose (UM News)


Bishop Holston: Become ‘who God needs us to be’

Bishop Holston: Become ‘who God needs us to be’ CHARLOTTE, N.C. (UM News) — Bishop L. Jonathan Holston of the South Carolina Conference encouraged delegates to the United Methodist General Conference to keep their focus on what is important and tune out the noise. Delivering the 2024 Episcopal Address on behalf of the Council of Bishops on Day 2 of the legislative assembly, he reminded the body that the church must keep one thing clear: “It is about this and only this: How do we become who God needs us to be?”




Delegates urged to ‘restart’ church with less

UM News: Before heading into their legislative work, delegates received a sober picture of United Methodist finances. The budget presentation included the need to reduce the number of bishops in the U.S. and add less bishops to Africa than initially planned. Still, delegates also heard hope for the denomination to pivot from church exits to revitalization.





Ensuring women have voice, vote at General Conference

Special orientations reminded General Conference female delegates that they have voice and power at the legislative assembly. Delegates say the appointment of monitors ensures they are treated with respect and empowers them to participate in meetings.

Women learned how to decode petitions and address the conference and were reminded of the importance of supporting one another other.


Daily Summary: April 24

• During the morning plenary session, other reports highlighted: the Social Principles revision; General Book of Discipline; and the Pathsway to Our Next Expression

• The majority of the delegates time on 4/25 will be spent in legislative committees

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