General Conference News – April 23, 2024

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General Conference – Day 1

Bishop Bickerton urges ‘spirit of hope’ as General Conference begins

During the opening worship of General Conference, Bishop Bickerton preached a strong message that not only encouraged hope and revitalization in the United Methodist Church, but also challenged the gathered delegates.

“Are you willing to move forward in a spirit of hope and embrace a season of reformation, commit to the revitalization of The United Methodist Church and work for a culture marked by compassion, courage and companionship?” he asked. “If not, maybe you are in the wrong place.”

He also dispelled misconceptions that The United Methodist Church has strayed from its fundamental beliefs, drawing applause from the body.

Rev. Gary Weaver shared his feelings about the Bishop Bickerton’s sermon.

“How a message can be so powerful and so simple.… it’s approach was mastery,” he said. “Bishop set a good foundation for our journey forward and our discipleship together. Today has set for me an anticipation of these days ahead.”


Regionalization moves on to full General Conference

UM News– The Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters met just ahead of General Conference. Committee members advanced petitions dealing with regionalization and the desire by Eurasian conferences to become autonomous. They also sent on to General Conference petitions dealing with the number of bishops in Africa and the number and naming of African central conferences.


Church court’s elections up to General Conference

The United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council responded to questions related to the terms of agency board members and Judicial Council members. Because of COVID, eight years have elapsed since the last regular General Conference rather than the usual four. The Judicial Council also released rulings on the three items on its spring docket.



Daily Summary: April 23

• By unanimous vote, the Committee on Reference declared as disqualified on April 22 all petitions from individuals, churches and conferences no longer associated with The United Methodist Church.

• In the report of the Commission on the General Conference, commission chair Kim Simpson informed the delegates that as of noon April 23, 751 delegates out of 862 allotted were registered and present (87% of delegates present vs. 91% in 2016)
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