Together we are partners with Christ in the ministry of the church to our world. In the Proverbs we read “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17)

The Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members (FLPAM) functions to inform Local Pastors and Associate Members in ministry, affirms them in their work and inspires them in their calling. Through the unique connections formed through this fellowship, the FLPAM of the Susquehanna Conference provides the space and opportunity to create and nurture meaningful collegial relationships that can deepen their faith and create a natural and beneficial sense of accountability in ministry. In addition, FLPAM strengthens the sense of shared ministry with those of the Order of Elders to create an authentic camaraderie in our calling.

To complete this work, the fellowship is served in leadership by a chairperson, secretary and treasure. In addition, the registrar of Local Pastors and Associate Members, the deans of the Local Pastors licensing school, and the chairperson of the Order of Elders serve on FLPAM to guide and advise the group in its work and function. The Bishop, in consultation with the Cabinet and the Board of Ordained Ministry, selects Steering Committee members so that each district is equally represented by one or more Local Pastors or Associate Members.

Much of the work is done by the FLPAM through its committees, which are:

Scholarship Board - which is responsible for receiving, reviewing and approving (or declining) requests for one of the scholarships awarded by FLPAM

Fellowship Member Gatherings Team - which is responsible for coordinating FLPAM's participation at Annual Conference and the meal that we share with all local pastors and associate members at conference

Legislation/Local Pastors' Handbook Update - which is responsible for drafting resolutions and proposals that support local pastors and associate members throughout the conference and denomination

Training Team - helps to create and administer training events for the conference

Care/Outreach Team - which supports Course of Study and Licensing school attendees as well as retirees

Advertising/Marketing - works with the training team to share information about FLPAM and our events

Connectional Team - is the connection to other gatherings and meetings withing the conference so that pertinent information can be shared with members of FLPAM

Newsletter Team - publishes a quarterly newsletter specific to the concerns of local pastors and associate members, including information concerning Course of Study, scholarships, pending legislation, minutes from FLPAM meetings and events

The Steering Committee is composed of the following:

If you are a Local Pastor or Associate Member and feel led to serve on the Steering Committee, please call/text 814-470-2713 or email for more information.

Our upcoming meeting is:  July 31, 2023 (2 p.m.) This will be held online.
If you are interested in attending or serving on the FLPAM, please contact Calvin Miller at


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