Who We Are

We’re a sisterhood acting in faith to tackle the hard work of the world without hesitation.

Driven by God’s love and united in sisterhood, we work to improve the lives of women, children and youth. Every day, we show up. We take action. We get it done. And we invite you to join us.  Learn More

Special Events

MISSION u 2024 - View flyer and brochure
   Express Day (Country Cupboard Inn) Thursday, July, 11
   Two Day School (Country Cupboard Inn) Friday, July 12 - Saturday, July 13
   Express Day (Chambers Hill UMC) Saturday, July 27

Mission Today

Criteria for Local Organizations of the Susquehanna Conference United Women In Faith

The purpose of Mission Today is to provide a planning tool to energize United Women In Faith to be more involved in mission through prayer, study, action, and outreach.

A Local Organization is a unit or a subgroup such as entire church, circle/s.  Membership includes local unit membership, district membership or on-line membership.  Read More

Reading Program

Answers to Your Questions about the Reading Program 2020–2021
Reading Program participants have contacted us asking for some clarifications about how a two-year Reading Program plan will work. Since many of you have raised the same questions and concerns, we’ve decided to share our answers with the entire membership at once in the following update letter from Operations Officer Andris Salter.  Read More

Susquehanna Conference United Women In Faith
Susquehanna Conference United Women In Faith

Contact Us
2022 Susquehanna Conference United Women In Faith Officers:
President - Sue Reisinger:  suereis@ptd.net
Vice President - Elizabeth Kostelnik: elizabethkostelnik@yahoo.com
Secretary - Ruth Cox: organist@embarqmail.com
Treasurer - Belinda Mullen: bmullen1974@gmail.com
Communications Coordinator - Diane Geer - dmcg1012@yahoo.com
Spiritual Growth Coordinator - Gretchen Mackey:  gemackey@pa.net
Committee on Nominations Chair - Carole Leininger: clp03@ptd.net

Committee on Nominations:
Lori Hoffnagle - l_hoffnagle@yahoo.com
Elaine McCurdy - (717) 369-4326
Darlene Cooley - dcooley723@gmail.com
Allison Franscesco  allisonfrancesco@gmail.com
Judy Tanner - billtann@verizon.net