The due date for submitting your 2022 report is January 31, 2023.

If you need help with your account, please contact Nate or Larry at or 717.766.7054.


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- Blank Statistical Form
- Notes on Membership
- Notes on Church People for UMC Stats

(Ignore any 2021 data or any incorrect church information in the details area)

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You will use the Annual Conference Statistics website, (make sure to read the Overview before using the system)

Your username is your 6-digit General Conference Number (also known as the GCFA ID or GCNO). If you are unsure what your number is, you can use the form below.

The Book of Discipline requires every church submit this report by the end of January each year. It also requires that the appointed or assigned pastor in church is ultimately responsible for the timely and accurate submission of the report - even if others do the work. (BOD ¶340.2c) (2) (f)