Included here is a collection of “short and sweet” checklists to help you quickly assess a number of indoor and outdoor walking/working scenarios.  Periodically check the status of your location using these simple tools.

It is the intent of the Susquehanna Conference to provide our employees safe and healthful conditions in which they conduct the business of the Conference. We strive to maintain locations that are free from identified slip, trip and fall hazards. We have implemented a prevention program that considers the behaviors of people, our equipment, our work methods, processes and finally the environment to reduce and prevent slip, trip and fall accidents. We expect all employees to cooperate in this very important initiative to ensure its success. LEARN MORE

Our Camp & Retreat Center Staff, Custodians and Early Childhood workers are “special team” members whose work may put them at risk for slips, trips, and falls.  Check here for some best practices designed to reduce their risk.


Despite executing our game plans, injuries may occur.  Check here for instructions on reporting work-related employee injuries.


Our collection of safety talks are good reminders for Conference employees.