Safety Forms & Resources


There are lots of important notifications that need to be shared with your employees. Be sure to post the following:

Department of Labor Postings – these notices from the state and federal government must be posted in your church’s main office or breakroom. They can be purchased online for about $30 from a third-party vendor or downloaded here for free.

Physicians Panels – whenever an employee is injured, it is important that they receive qualified medical care. Therefore, every local church needs to post a Physicians Panel. This list of physicians is sorted by county and specialty. Although medical emergencies may be treated anywhere, typical injuries must be treated at one of these healthcare providers for the first 90 days.

Workers’ Compensation Disclosures – every employee should sign the following two forms:

Workers’ Compensation Information form briefly explains how the program works and should be signed by every employee when hired.

Workers’ Compensation Employee Notification is a complete disclosure of employee’s rights and duties. It should be signed both at the time of employment and in the event of injury.