Preparing for General Conference: News and Resources

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Preparing for General Conference
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From April 23 to May 3, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina for holy conferencing. During this time, twelve delegates from the Susquehanna Conference will join others from around the world to worship, hear reports, and consider legislation that will determine the future of the UMC.

In preparation for General Conference, our communications team has created a news and resource page that will be frequently updated during General Conference. Here you can find a news feed of important headlines, links to the livestream and the official General Conference page, a prayer schedule, and more.

Additionally, regular updates and recaps will be sent directly to your email inbox and posted on the Conference Facebook page.

General Conference News & Resources

Prayer for General Conference

Join us in this prayer written by Rev. Beth Jones.

Holy One,

We come in prayerful anticipation for these next few weeks as our church prepares to gather at General Conference 2024. We admit that do so with a sense of anticipation and anxiety, with hope and uncertainty. There are times when we don’t know how to feel, or even what to ask for. Even in the midst of these questions, we pray with our whole being for harmony with your Divine Purpose and Holy Guidance for us, your church family.

We lift to your light those delegates who are traveling from all over the world, and for our friends and colleagues traveling from the Susquehanna Conference, for safety and ease, strength, and wisdom as they spend these weeks in Charolotte.

We pray for our bishops, Bishop Moore KoiKoi and Bishop Steiner Ball, as they join with their colleagues from across the connection and for their presence, prayers and guidance throughout the proceedings.

When there seems to be no way, Lord you have promised to make a way and so with these prayers we lean into that promise of your presence and guidance to be with us throughout this General Conference. We pray that the power of your Holy Spirit will guide our path each day in holy conversation, in respectful disagreement, and in hope that surprises us still. Be with us all, we pray.