New Supervisory Areas

In partnership with the Cabinet and Conference Leadership, the Bishops announced a new supervision model that would establish supervisory areas covered by five district superintendents. Read More

Beginning July 1, there will be five Conference Superintendents to provide supervisory care and oversight. The supervisory areas will include the areas of the seven districts. Redistricting is not part of this supervisory plan, but rather a reorganization.

The five Conference Superintendents will be: Rev Dr. Paul Amara, Rev. Brenda Leigey, Rev. Judy Walker, Rev. Dr. Joleen Willis, and Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver. As already announced, Gary Weaver will also serve as the Dean of the new Cabinet.

Supervisory Area Map


The following are the Conference Superintendents and their coverage area:

  1. Rev. Dr. Paul Amara will cover churches within the Williamsport District as well as most churches within the Lewisburg District. The office for this coverage area will be the current office located at 2420 Nottingham Road, Williamsport.
  2. Rev. Brenda Leigey will cover churches within the State College District, as well as portions of the Lewisburg and Altoona Districts. The office will continue to be at 1200 Haymaker Road, State College.
  3. Rev. Judy Walker will cover churches within the Scranton/Wilkes Barre District and some churches within the Lewisburg District. The office will still be located in the Trucksville UM Church, 40 Knob Road, Trucksville.
  4. Rev. Dr. Joleen Willis will cover churches within the Altoona District and portions of the York District. They will begin to look for office space possibly within a local church in the Altoona Area.
  5. Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver will cover the churches within most of the Harrisburg District as well as portions of the York District. This coverage area will continue to utilize the former Harrisburg District Office in the Conference Center.

As we shift to a new model of supervision, we will also be shifting some district offices. The York office will work toward closure by July 1, 2023. The Lewisburg Office will stay open only through the retirement of the current Administrative Assistant which will be December 2023. She will also provide support to other coverage areas as needed in this time of transition.

List of Supervisory Areas & Churches (by County)




State College


Important Facts

There are some important facts as we begin to move into this new model of supervision.

  1. These decisions are made with the full understanding that God is expecting God’s church to always be open to change for a new day and for new possibilities. These decisions are made out of a sense of newness and possibility.
  2. These coverage areas will allow the new number of churches/charges per Superintendent to remain similar to the current numbers.
  3. The boundaries of the coverage areas have been made for the most part around county lines. This will make is easier to do things across district lines.
  4. There will be new ways of supervision. One way is to utilize effective local pastors and elders as ministry partners to do some of the ongoing work of ministry in the coverage area.
  5. Every church and every pastor will have a Superintendent with whom they will relate and have direct contact.
  6. Current district committees will work with the Conference Superintendent to determine what is the best way to accomplish their tasks.
  7. This current change in supervision will position the Susquehanna Conference well for whatever General and Jurisdictional Conference may decide about number of Episcopal areas and number of Bishops.
  8. This new way of doing supervision will also allow us to be nimbler and provide new ways of being in ministry.