Mission u Youth 2022

This five-day, two location event is calling all YOUTH interested in mission! We will spend our time at Wesley Forest Camp  (hiking, boating, swimming, and conquering the challenge course), building community, and working on mission projects!

Then we will get to reunite in July in Lewisburg to spend one more day together finishing up and preparing to put our faith in action. Our Theme is Community in the Midst of Challenging Times. We will be learning what it means to be in mission and how God calls us to it. If you are looking for an opportunity to live out your faith, learn more about missions, all while spending time in nature, this event is for you.

Deans: Michelle Schwartzman & Martina McCabe

Contact Michelle at vim@susumc.org for more information.
(Create an account, put in youth’s info, look for Wesley Forest & Mission u Youth to register for the event.)

June 15-18 AND July 16*      Grades 7-12      $190

June 15 – At Wesley Forest Starts: Wednesday 7:00 pm; Ends: June 18 - Saturday 11:00 am
July 16* – At Best Western, Lewisburg - Starts: 9:00 am; Ends: 4:00 pm  (*optional)

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What’s New?
This year, for the first time, Mission u 2022 is going to focus each of its various study tracks on the same Scripture passage (Luke 13), to foster intergenerational learning. The changes to the Mission u format will allow attendees to examine scripture and theology within a social justice frame and with the global ministry of the church in mind. Under the new lesson format, the Mission u curricula is now also adaptable to be used by local churches.

Instead of relying on a single author for each subsequent year’s study, 2022 and future studies are being developed by a lead author who works with a team of diverse contributors. Each study team met together for biblical and theological reflection and the studies and related materials are focus group tested in various church settings before being adapted based on the feedback received from those sessions.

Why Luke 13?
Luke 13 covers several different themes including the Parable of the Fig Tree, Jesus’ Healing a Woman on the Sabbath, the Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast, the Narrow Door, and Jesus’ Sorrow for Jerusalem. So, what makes this passage so important for 2022?

We find ourselves in a period of incredible disruption and uncertainty. In the midst of a devastating pandemic, a divisive political climate, and economic turmoil, we are turning to stories of Jesus that have anchored Christian communities in challenging times for over two millennia. Some of these stories of Jesus are found in the 13th chapter of the gospel of Luke. The chapter opens and closes with a community trying to make sense of and navigate their way through times of turmoil and tragedy.

In Luke 13, we find Jesus on the sabbath and a woman in need of healing. Jesus makes the choice to “set [her] free from [her] ailment” (Luke 13:12) which causes a great deal of commotion among the leaders and crowd gathered there. It’s in this story that Jesus likens the kingdom to a mustard seed and yeast. Our new curriculum will explore what those images evoked for Jesus’ first-century Jewish audience as well as what possibilities that same seed and yeast might hold for us in a time of incredible disruption and uncertainty.

Who’s our Study Leader?
Jay Godfrey is the Transformative Education and Training Specialist for United Methodist Women. In this role, he provides leadership in the development and production of Mission u curricula and training events.

Jay began attending Mission u as a teen with his church in York, Pennsylvania and is excited to be returning to his home Conference for Mission u 2022. Jay’s foundational experiences led to a life of service in the church including spending five years as a young-adult missionary with the Board of Global Ministries in Alabama, Bosnia and Herzegovina and New York City.

Since joining staff of UWFaith (formerly UMW), he has served as a study leader trainer with Mission u for more than ten years and written 4 youth studies. Jay holds a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Church and Community Ministries from the Candler School of Theology, Emory University.  LEARN MORE

What about our venue?
Pastor Jerry Schmidt, Mission u 2022 Dean, and the rest of the planning team are aware of the imminent closure of Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA. While the team will consider alternate locations for future years, the owners of the Country Cupboard are currently making contingency plans to honor the long-standing reservations which have been in place for Mission u 2022. We will continue to update you as necessary in the event of a change in venue.

Save the Dates!
The first Mission u Express Day is: July 14 (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) at Country Cupboard, Lewisburg, PA.
The full Mission u school is scheduled for: July 15 – 17 at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA.
The second Mission u Express Day is: July 30 (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) at Chambers Hill UMC in Harrisburg, PA.

Register online or use a paper registration form
Questions: Contact Beth at elizabethkostelnik@yahoo.com

We can’t wait to begin Building Communities of Hope and Joy by discovering Who We Can Be, Together.

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