Lay Ministry & CLMs

The Certified Lay Minister (CLM) provides leadership in small membership churches and occasionally on staff in larger membership churches. The CLM preaches, provides congregational pastoral care, assists in local church leadership, and is part of a ministry team supervised by a local clergyperson. The CLM remains a layperson and does not have sacramental privileges.  The Supervising Elder works with the CLM to provide the sacraments to the assigned charge.

CLM Candidacy, Certification, and Recertification details.

CLM Check List for Candidates (NEW January 2024)

Certified Lay Ministry School

To prepare, support and strengthen those who are called to serve local churches as Certified Lay Ministers. This school is held annually and is required for certification.


Each CLM and Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) will create a covenant defining the ways in which the CLM shall serve as well as the responsibilities of the congregation.

Sample Covenant

SPRC Guidelines


For questions contact:

Certified Lay Ministers Registrar - Ron Swift,