"In ministry with the city for an impact on the city"

Operating on the premise that “Staying as we are is not being a fruitful Church nor is it being faithful to Jesus’ Great Commission,” the purpose of Impact! Harrisburg will be to explore together, with a sense of urgency, a bigger, comprehensive vision to reach new and more diverse people in and around the city of Harrisburg rather than just a focus on individual congregations, buildings, and survivability. This is an initiative to dream bigger than any current individual congregation in the urban area could dream alone. This is an opportunity for each church to assess their congregation’s ministry potential and to unlock resources through our connection with and through one another. This is the time to apply adaptive solutions and design thinking in order to be faithful in reaching new and more diverse people in new ways in and around Harrisburg for Christ. People from the ten participating churches will have the opportunity to collaborate in order to be a greater witness in and around Harrisburg.

Impact Harrisburg Vision and Plan