Welcome to GROW! Living as Spiritual Transformational Leaders

All of the elements needed to teach GROW! are available at this site.  Facilitator's and Participant's Guides, PowerPoint, several handouts, and a plan for teaching the sessions in one hour increments are included.  Here are some recommendations from participants:
  • The teaching and breakout groups helped to drive the subject home in unique ways that helped everyone grow together.
  • The GROW! class is good in the understanding that it helps people look past their own selfish desires and instead at the desires of God.  As we grow and find our "why", we can lovingly guide others into a discipleship attitude that reflects future fruits.
  • Because of this experience, I practice spiritual transformational leadership everywhere I go by being humble, continuing to focus outward and recognizing God at work in all things.  I will also help others to see God's goodness, role model positive Christian life by using Christ as the example, use the Bible as the ultimate resource for Christian living, and give grace as I hope others will give me grace.

If you have questions or need more guidance, please contact Kim Shockley at kshockley@susumc.org

Additional Resources

Podcasts - UMSee

Webinars - Discipleship Ministry Wednesday webinar (Coming Soon)

www.BeADisciple.org is an online opportunity to take courses for re-certification for Lay Servants and Lay Speakers, or to take the six required courses to be Certified as a Lay Speaker.  The basic courses to be certified as a Lay Servant are only offered in local settings, and can be accessed here for the Susquehanna Conference:  https://susumc.org/lay-ministry/

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