So... what IS General Conference?

"As the highest legislative body of The United Methodist Church, General Conference holds the power to revise The Book of Discipline and The Book of Resolutions while also initiating amendments to the denominations constitution. General Conference normally meets once every quadrennium or every four years. The Council of Bishops may also call a special session to address a specific topic. Only two special sessions have been called since The United Methodist Church formed in 1968.

Any congregation, conference, organization or person may submit a petition to General Conference to change the Book of Discipline or the Book of Resolutions. Further petitions may also be introduced from the floor by delegates. Most legislation requires a simple majority vote to pass. Amendments to the denomination’s Constitution require a two-thirds vote of the General Conference followed by a two-thirds aggregate vote of the lay and clergy members present and voting of the annual conferences. However, changes to Restrictive Rules 1 and 2 in the constitution, which establish the doctrinal standards, require a three-fourths aggregate vote of the lay and clergy members present and voting in the annual conferences. General Conference also approves the budget allocating apportioned funds, official documents such as The United Methodist Hymnal and The Book of Worship and official teachings on subjects such as baptism and Holy Communion."

-(From ResourceUMC)

Frequently Asked Questions

When is General Conference? And where?
General Conference is scheduled for April 23-May 3 at the Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2020 General Conference... in 2024? 
While the upcoming General Conference is held in 2024, it is actually the postponed General Conference from 2020, which was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

Who attends General Conference?
Annual conferences — the denomination’s regional bodies consisting of lay and clergy voters from multiple churches — each elect an allotment of delegates. The United Methodist Church’s constitution requires that laity elect the lay delegates, and clergy elect their fellow clergy.

In Susquehanna, the annual conference is entitled to six clergy delegates and six lay delegates. These delegates were elected at annual conference.

Clergy Delegates


Rev. Dr. Thomas Salsgiver


Rev. Dr. Kathleen E. Kind


Rev. Mark F. Reisinger


Rev. Dr. Gary D. Weaver


Rev. Rachel E. Keller Wong


Rev. Jacob A. Waybright

Laity Delegates


Christina McDermott


Dr. Milton Loyer


Raymond Hamill


Cindy Weaver