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What is Discovery Place?
Discovery Place is the resource center for the Susquehanna Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  We are located at the Susquehanna Conference office building at 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Essentially, we are a library for the churches in the Conference.  The center was opened in 1997 to ensure that all churches, regardless of their size or annual budget, would have access to quality study and resource materials.  Usage is not limited to pastors and church staff; anyone involved in the church may borrow materials from Discovery Place.
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Resource Highlights

We are featuring three resources by Bob Goff this spring. Bob was an attorney who, after 30 years, walked into his law firm and quit, so that he could pursue encouraging people full time. He founded a non-profit human rights organization called Love Does, which pursues justice for children in conflict areas around the world. He gave away all the profits from his book Love Does to help these children. For more information, see or

Below is a summary of each of his three DVD/book studies, all of which are available to borrow from Discovery Place.

Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

This is a study about God's love…and the most amazing thing about that love is that it's not just a bunch of rules or stuff we have to agree with. God's love is different. It changes things. It's active. It works. It risks. God's love…does.

Tapping into this love requires a different skill set than what it takes to memorize answers for a test. This isn't a love you can earn, buy, or win. It's something bigger and better. And it just might be something you discovery more about by "doing stuff" too.

Love Does is a five-session video-based small group experience in doing the love of God. Each session explores a different aspect of God's active love through the stories of Bob Goff.  Included is a study guide which will help you dig into each topic in a guided Bible study and small group time, with discussion questions, hands-on exercises, and further activities to engage the content on your own between sessions.

 Just imagine what God could do with a whole group of people who were passionate about Jesus' love and eager to put it into creative practice? Jump into Love Does and find out!

Session titles:

  1. I'm with You (8:30)
  2. Free to Fail (14:30)
  3. Audacious Love (8:30)
  4. Be Not Afraid (15:00)
  5. Follow Me (11:00)

Includes a DVD, an 85-page study guide (notes to leaders in the back), and a 224-page book.

Everybody Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

In this five-session video Bible study, bestselling author Bob Goff shares some of the stories from his life that have helped him understand what it truly means to love everybody the way Jesus loved them - without fear, insecurity, or restriction. This begins by loving people right where you are through serving and helping the neighbors God has placed into your world. It means loving people when they mess up and helping them move past the place of shame to acceptance. It continues by being courageous and following where God leads one step at a time - even if you feel you are flying blind. Above all, it means not just agreeing with Jesus but actually stepping out and doing what Jesus said.

Session titles:

  1. Love People Where You Are (17:00)
  2. Catch People on the Bounce (17:00)
  3. Don't Play It Safe (19:00)
  4. Look at What's in Your Bucket (18:00)
  5. Love Even the Difficult People (18:00)

Includes a DVD, a 108-page study guide (notes to leaders in the back), and a 223-page book.

Dream Big

God has given you gifts, talents, abilities…and dreams. Unfortunately, many of us have been told that pursuing those dreams is impractical, incorrect, or impossible.

Bob Goff is on a mission to shake you free of this mindset and help you step into the version of the life you dreamed about when you were young. In this five-session video Bible study, he draws on principles from the Bible -- and a lifetime of dreaming large -- to help you reconnect with the passions that God has placed inside of you. You can step out of your comfort zone, take big risks, and have the confidence that God will be there with you on the journey.

You can rediscover the wild and exciting dreams for your life you've hidden from yourself. You can DREAM BIG!

Five sessions:

  1. Get Ready to Dream Big (19:00)
  2. Set Absurd Expectations (15:30)
  3. Clear the Path (18:00)
  4. Push Through Setbacks (16:00)
  5. Land the Plane (17:00)

Includes a DVD, a 99-page study guide (notes to leaders in the back), and a 232-page hardcover book.

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