Clergy Continuing Formation

As clergy persons, our call to learning and growth that is life-long. The Board of Ordained Ministry seeks to support pastors in continuing education and spiritual formation throughout their careers.

Full-Time clergy under appointment are required to complete 10 CEU’s (continuing education units) per four-year quadrennium. Less than Full-Time are required to complete 5 CEU's per quadrennium. CEU’s are granted at the rate of 1 unit per 10 contact hours.

Resources that will help you on the journey include:

  • Continuing Formation Manual – Updated in 2022, the Continuing Formation Manual outlines the requirements, opportunities and funding sources for continuing formation of pastors serving in the Susquehanna Conference.
  • CEU Request Application – When applying for continuing education units for an event not hosted by the Susquehanna Conference, this link is an online form to request credit.
  • Continuing Formation Funding Application – In addition to required local church continuing education funds, the Board of Ordained Ministry administers Ministerial Education Funds for clergy, using the attached application.
    • $2000 available for each pastor per quadrennium for Continuing Education
    • $5000 available to each District per quadrennium for MEP Continuing Education events
    • $5000 available per lifetime for education above a Masters with 5+ years of service


For more information, contact:

BOOM Secretary: Rev. Larry L. Leland, Jr.,