UM Stewardship Foundation Association Director Position

This full time position assumes responsibility for developing and maintaining positive relationships with account holders, clergy, laity, and other significant persons related to the United Methodist Stewardship Foundation; provides oversight for the Executive Director to
implement, monitor, and evaluate, organization policies, strategic plan and goals; attends board meetings; oversees the development and maintenance of electronic databases; oversees and executes the organization of account holder document compliance related matters;
researches/analyzes data and develops reports for the Executive Director and Board of Directors; assists in the budgeting process and interprets account statements; serves and acts on behalf of Executive Director when communicating with account holders, and in the absence of the E.D. represents E.D. at certain meetings. The position involves exposure to sensitive information requiring considerable use of tact, diplomacy, discretion, and judgement.

Please email to the following:
1. One page resume
2. Cover letter that includes salary requirements and three references