Candidacy Elders/Deacons

Mentoring, guiding, and helping candidates seeking ordination within the United Methodist Church is one of the primary responsibilities of the Board of Ordained Ministry; and coordination of the events, guidelines, mentoring and requirements for seeking commissioning and ordination occur by our Candidacy Registrars and Teams.

Guide to Candidacy Process

The roadmap with details and descriptions for those approved by an area District Committee on Ministry to seek commissioning and ordination as a deacon or elder.  The Guide to Candidacy and Provisional Handbook both describe in detail the expectations and responsibilities of candidates and mentors.  Forms that are mentioned within the Guide to Candidacy can be found on the Resources page.

Candidate for Ministry Process

Candidate for Ministry Tracking Sheet

Answering the Call Guidebook

Commissioning & Provisional Elder Handbook 2023-2024

Commissioning & Provisional Deacon Handbook 2023-2024


Seeking Commissioning and Ordination

Once approved by an area District Committee on Ministry, candidates for ordination enter the process of seeking commission.  Commission asks the question: Is this person ready to be a pastor in a local church?  Ordination asks the question: Is this person effective in ministry in their context and willing to serve in other contexts?

Our Board examines written work, evaluations from Conference Superintendents, affirmation from mentors, and at the level of ordination, meets with leaders in the local church.  Detailed instructions for Commissioning are below. The requirements for worship and Bible study topics change annually. Details for ordination are provided after commissioning. See 2016 Book of Discipline paragraph 330 for Deacons and 335 for Elders general requirements.   Please be mindful of deadlines for submission listed on the BoOM Calendar.

Educational Requirements & Opportunities

  • Educational days and retreats are planned for those in the candidacy process between commissioning and ordination. See Calendar for more details.
  • Educational Requirements for Provisional Membership for Deacons & Elders are defined by the Book of Discipline and our local Annual Conference for everyone seeking ordination.  These are requirements specific to the Susquehanna Annual Conference and exceed those of the denomination in areas that we feel are critical for pastors serving in our Annual Conference.

Candidacy and Clergy Mentors

An important part of the candidacy process is being matched with a mentor, at both the District Committee level and the Board of Ordained Ministry level. Mentors are matched by Conference Superintendents and often changed between “levels” of ministry and/or as appointments are changed. Mentors walk beside candidates, providing opportunities for reflection, advice, support in paperwork, and connections with resources throughout the Annual Conference. Mentors often assist candidates through the process, but the candidates are expected to guide the process, timelines, and meeting deadlines for paperwork and requirements.

If you need a new mentor, please contact your Conference Superintendent.

Training for mentors is provided occasionally by the Board of Ordained Ministry.  See BoOM Calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Clergy mentors should report quarterly as to the date and length of meetings with their mentee. This report should be emailed to the DCOM Chair or district registrar.

Candidacy Mentor Report - submitted to the District Committee on Ministry prior to the interview for certified candidate. This should be emailed to the DCOM Chair and Superintendent. Find current DCOM Chairs on Contact Page.

Psychological Services

This team helps our Annual Conference fulfill the requirements to have a psychological assessment prior to entering ministry. Those seeking certification in early stages of moving towards Ordination, candidates are required to take the MMPI-2 and 16PF assessments followed by an interview with an approved psychologist and written report shared with the Board of Ordained Ministry and District Committee on Ministry.

To schedule your Psychological Assessment, please contact your District Office.

Psychological Examination Process