Is God Calling YOU to ministry? Here are Ways to Serve

Susquehanna Conference Board of Ordained Ministry

According to The United Methodist Book of Discipline, ¶635.2, the Board of Ordained Ministry is responsible for:

  • To assume the primary responsibility for the enlistment and recruitment of ministerial leadership for our churches and other ministerial settings;
  • To renew a culture of the call in the church;
  • To guide candidates  and examine applicants for ordained ministry and make recommendations to the Clergy Session;
  • To support all those in ministerial leadership with opportunities for ongoing education and spiritual formation;
  • To provide means for evaluating the effectiveness of ministerial leaders and to interpret the high ethical standards for ordained ministry set forth in the Discipline;
  • To work with the cabinet with regard to requests for changes in conference relationship, through retirement, transfer, medical leave, etc.

It is our hope and prayer that this website serves as a resource for:

  • Persons exploring a call to ministry;
  • Those working toward Ordination or Licensed Ministries;
  • District Committees on Ordained Ministry;
  • Clergy serving as mentors, seeking continuing formation, and changing conference relationship

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Matthew 4:19

Work/Division of the Board

  • Develop and promote a culture of calling with those exploring ministry and in local churches
  • Supports those exploring calling to lay and ordained ministry leadership
  • Meets with students in seminary
  • Manages scholarships and ministry internships
  • Gives guidance for those seeking to be Certified Lay Ministries beyond a local church
  • Oversees Certified Lay Ministry certification candidacy and certification
  • Oversees the process for beginning candidates through certified candidates for ministry
  • Oversees the application for those seeking commissioning or ordination as Deacons or Elders
  • Provides educational opportunities for those in the candidacy process
  • Provides a Guidebooks for candidates seeking ordination and their mentors
  • Trains candidacy and clergy mentors

Licensed Local Pastors/Course of Study

  • Works with certified candidates for licensing and already licensed local pastors
  • Holds annual Licensing School for Local Pastors in conjunction with the Certified Lay Ministers School
  • Tracking and Resourcing for local pastors in Course of Study
  •  See Course of Study and Licensing School Links on the side menu


  • Sets guidelines and standards for continuing education for clergy, formation in servant leadership and continuing spiritual growth in Christ
  • Administer Ministerial Education Fund monies and other funding sources for continuing formation
  • Approve Continuing Education Units for Clergy

Clergy Status

Conference Relations Committee

  • Cares for changes in clergy status
  • Receives requests for retirement, leave of absence, sabbaticals and other changes
  • Over-sees transfers, voluntary exits from ministry & readmission to ministry
  • Works with Bishops and Cabinet as prescribed in the Book of Discipline

BoOM Calendar

Board of Ordained Ministry

2024 Dates:

GBHEM BOM Quadrennial Training:
August 19-22, 2024
Atlanta GA
as invited by position


Theology Study Day:
August 22, 2024
St. Andrew's Valley View UMC or via Zoom
RSVP to Suzanne Elliot by Aug 19 for details


God's Call Fall Event:
September 14, 2024
(9-11:30am) via Zoom
An online registration form is coming soon!      Email with any questions.


Candidate Fall Day Apart:
September 24, 2024
Mt. Nittany UMC


Board Fall Meeting:
October 22, 2024
(10am-4pm) in person, location TBD

2025 Dates:

January 15, 2025 Candidate paperwork due to BOM Registrar


Ordination Interviews:
February 8, 2025
(Snow date Feb 22)
(9am-2pm) on-site at candidate’s church
Board & Ordination Candidates


Board Interview Prep:
February 26, 2025
(9am-12pm)  online


Interview Day for Commissioning and Check-ins:
March 10-11, 2025
(8am-5pm) location TBD
Board, Candidates & Mentors;   Zoom for Check-Ins


Board Spring Meeting:
March 26, 2025
(9am-12pm) Zoom or In-Person TBD