2020-2021 Appointment Changes

It is the intention of Bishop Jeremiah Park to set these appointments as of July 1, 2020*
(*other effective date as noted)

As of March 13, 2020


Paul Amara from Albright Bethune Park Forest Village, State College to Williamsport District Superintendent

Miguel Arenas from Honesdale Central, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to Charlton, Harrisburg

William Baker from Mansfield First, Williamsport to Whitneyville, Williamsport (1/1/20)

Dianne Bentley from Jefferson/Greenmount, York to Honesdale Central, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Catherine Boileau from Chambersburg First, York to York District Superintendent

John Bondhus from Clarks Green, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to Wellsboro First, Williamsport

Audrey Brosious from Buckhorn/Good Shepherd, Lewisburg to Selinsgrove Wesley, Lewisburg

Terence Brosius from Port Royal, State College to Richfield, Lewisburg

Kenneth Brown from Richfield, Lewisburg to Alderson Noxen Kunkle, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Andrew Burd-Harris from JAGM Locust Run/Thompsontown, State College to Middletown Evangelical, Harrisburg

Todd Christine from Trough Creek Valley Parish, Altoona to Hanover Grace, York

Daniel Christopher from Clintondale/Mackeyville, State College to Nittany/Sugar Valley, State College

JoAnn Darrow from New Thing, Harrisburg to Personal Leave (1/1/20)

Michael Dawes from Woodbury Faith, Altoona to Avis/Pine Run, Williamsport

Kimberly Eichelberger from Greater Broad Top/New Hope Parish, Altoona to Manor Hill, Altoona

Ronald Folk from Three Springs Parish, Altoona to Skinners Eddy/South Auburn, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Richard Hanlon from Wellsboro, Williamsport to Athens, Williamsport

Denise Haskins from Mifflintown Aldersgate, State College to Clearfield West Side, Altoona

Donna Hildebrand from Chestnut Grove, York to Mt Holly Springs, Harrisburg

James Hollister from Gethsemane, State College to Countryside Community, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Nicholas Keeney from Chambers Hill, Harrisburg to Extension Ministries, United Methodist Stewardship Foundation (1/1/20)

Sarah Kim from West Decatur/Wallaceton, State College to Nittany/Sugar Valley, State College

Kathleen Kind from Altoona District Superintendent, Altoona to Camp Hill, Harrisburg

Timothy Klein from Pine Grove, York to Chestnut Grove, York

David Kominsky from Loganville, York and Violet Hill, York to Yorkshire, York

Laura Kyler from Tri-County Parish, Williamsport to Lehman-Idetown, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Larry Leland from Lewisburg District Superintendent, Lewisburg to Montoursville Faith, Williamsport

Steven Livermore from Shippensburg Messiah, Harrisburg to Chambersburg First, York

Matthew Loyer from New Berlin/Winfield, Lewisburg to York Fourth, York

Jason Mackey from Extension Ministries, Director of Connecting Ministries to Extension Ministries, Conference Benefits Administrator (1/1/20)

John Mackey from Claysburg, Altoona to Clarks Summit, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Evelyn Madison from Wehnwood, Altoona to Roaring Spring, Altoona

Bryan Mann from Jacobus, York to Waggoners, Harrisburg

Paul McReynolds to State College Albright-Bethune/Park Forest Village, State College

Calvin Miller from Greater Buffalo Run Valley, State College to Claysburg, Altoona

Gloria Montgomery from Bellwood Extended, Altoona to Osceola/Sandy Ridge, State College

DeAnn Newhouse from Sideling Hill, Altoona to Clearfield Centre Grove, Altoona

Chris Pfleegor from Balls Mills, Williamsport to Gethsemane, State College

Joshua Rhone to Manchester St. Paul, York

C. Matthew Roberts to Williamsburg Extended, Altoona

Charles Salisbury from York District Superintendent, York to Hummelstown Grace, Harrisburg

Stephen Salisbury from Hanover Grace, York to Boiling Springs Otterbein, Harrisburg

Ellen Scamahorn from Orangeville Parish, Lewisburg to New Bloomfield Extended, Harrisburg

Barbara Servello from Leesburg, Harrisburg to Huntingdon 15th St/Donation, Altoona

Hannah Sledge from local pastor-unappointed to Mechanicsburg Aldersgate, Harrisburg (1/1/20)

Barbara Snyder from Beach Lake, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to Thompsontown/Locust Run, State College

Frederick Snyder from Hancock Emory, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to Port Royal/Matamoras, State College

Elizabeth R. Taylor from Sugar Valley, State College to Personal Leave

Mark Terwilliger from Countryside Community, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to York Asbury, York

Leslie Towsey from Charlton, Harrisburg to Fishing Creek Salem, York

Robert Vizthum, from On Loan, Upper New York Conference to Shippensburg Messiah, Harrisburg

David Walker from Scranton Elm Park Associate to Scranton Elm Park Associate, Wilkes-Barre, Central and Albright, interim, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (1/1/20)

Jacob Waybright from Montoursville Faith, Williamsport to Carlisle, Harrisburg

Gary Weaver from Camp Hill, Harrisburg to Lewisburg District Superintendent, Lewisburg

Lynn Wilcox from Hop Bottom, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to Greater Buffalo Run Valley, State College

Leah Williams to Lewisburg Beaver Memorial, Lewisburg (5/1/2020)

Joleen Willis from Clearfield West Side, Altoona to Altoona District Superintendent, Altoona

Randy Willis from Clearfield Centre Grove, Altoona to Altoona Wehnwood, Altoona

Zachary Woods from Muncy Valley, Williamsport to New Berlin/Winfield, Lewisburg

Heather Wurst from Williamsburg Extended, Altoona to Chambers Hill, Harrisburg

Roger Yoder from Blue Mountain Charge, Harrisburg to Mansfield First, Williamsport (1/1/20)

Joel (JT) Young from Lewisburg Beaver Memorial, Lewisburg to Local Pastor Unappointed, Lewisburg (4/1/2020)



Margaret Allgeier from White Mills, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to retirement (12/31/19)

Edward Alwine from Mt Holly Springs, Harrisburg to retirement

William Bair from Medical Leave to Retirement (no move)

Anthony Brima from Williamsport St Paul-Calvary, Williamsport to retirement (12/31/19)

David Dearing from Selinsgrove Wesley, Lewisburg to retirement (10/31/19)

Richard DeMarte from Pine Run, Williamsport to retirement

Richard Denison, Jr. from Waggoners, Harrisburg to retirement

Linda Eckersley from Jermyn/Montdale, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to retirement

Lee Ellenberger from Middletown Evangelical, Harrisburg to retirement

Jean Felty from New Bloomfield Extended, Harrisburg to retirement

Bruce Fensterbush from Boiling Springs Otterbein, Harrisburg to retirement

Jane Harrison from York Fourth, York to retirement

Jennifer Heikes from Pine Grove/McAlisterville, Lewisburg to retirement

Deborah Heisley-Cato from Fishing Creek Salem, York to retirement

Fred Hickok from Huntingdon 15th Street/Donation, Altoona to retirement

Anne Horton, Diaconal Minister, from Extension Ministries, NGA to retirement

Troy Howell from Williamsport District Superintendent, Williamsport to retirement

Helen Learn from Athens, Williamsport to retirement

Christine Mastin from White Deer, Lewisburg to retirement

Dennis Otto from Shepherdstown, Harrisburg to retirement

James Parker from Manchester St Paul, York to retirement

Douglas Pierce from Belleville, State College to retirement (12/31/19)

Val Rommel from Alderson Noxen Kunkle, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to retirement

John Schaefer from Hummelstown Grace, Harrisburg to retirement

Betty Secrest from Local Pastor Unappointed, Altoona, to Retirement

Harold Snyder from Windsor Emmanuel, York to Retirement (12/31/2019)

Eugene Sperazza from Wilkes-Barre Central and Albright, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to retirement (12/31/19)

Elizabeth Stutler from Osceola/Sandy Ridge, State College to retirement

William Summerhill from Extension Ministries to Retirement

James VanZandt from Carlisle, Harrisburg to retirement

Andrew Weidner from Clarks Summit, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to retirement

Randen Wright from Manor Hill, Altoona to retirement