2023 Shares of Ministry

Shares of Ministry Calculation

The Shares of Ministry for the Susquehanna Conference are based on the most recent completed year’s historical data from the Statistical Reports in the EZRA system. For churches that did not submit statistics, the prior year’s shares of ministry is automatically increased by 25%. For all other churches, the total expenses are then reduced by the Daycare/Preschool credits received by those churches that operate such facilities as part of their church operations. Each church’s percentage share of the total of the adjusted expense for all churches is then applied to the total Shares of Ministry budget for the next year to determine that church’s share.

Once the church’s total amount has been calculated, it is compared to their current year’s total shares of ministry. As agreed upon at Annual Conference, the shares of ministry for a particular church may not increase nor decrease more than 20% in a given year. The Council on Finance and Administration approved holding the increase and decrease to 18% for the 2023 calculations.