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Registration is now open for the upcoming courses being offered this spring. Cost per course is $40.

According to the 2016 Book of Discipline, there are three categories of persons who are required to take classes. These categories are Certified Lay Ministers (need a ten-hour class yearly), Certified Lay Speakers (those who took Basic in the past and have maintained their status with a minimum of a ten-hour class in the last three years), and Certified Lay Servants (those who have completed EGP and are staying current with an additional ten-hour class within the last three years). All three groups are required to fill out a form for Charge Conference each year and to meet with either the DCOM (for CLM) or the Lay Servant Committee at a “Meet and Greet Event” once every three years (both other groups).

Two different courses are being offered on
Saturday, April 14 and 21, 2018
East Canton UMC
(Route 414, East Canton, PA 17724 - located between Canton and Towanda)
9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. (attendance both Saturdays is required)

Please bring your own lunch.

There is a book listed for each class - these books are optional (if you want to purchase them on your own ahead of time). These are reference books for the class but will not be used as textbooks.

COURSE 1 - ‘LIVING AS CHRISTIANS IN A VIOLENT SOCIETY’ – presenter: Rev. Dr. Dianne Bentley

Book: “A Call to Hope: Living As Christians in a Violent Society” by Vera K. White c1997 (optional.)

We will be exploring Biblical passages relating to violence (stories) plus forgiveness and non-violence. We will NOT be focusing on either domestic violence or the issues of guns and gun control. The issues discussed will be on the topic of violence and the impacts of violence that lead to violent actions and what the Bible has to say on the topic. The last chapter of White’s book is entitled: “Faith as Hope, Faith as Mandate.” This is the premise of the study. This class is inspired by the book published in 1997 by Vera K. White entitled: “A Call to Hope: Living as Christians in a VIOLENT SOCIETY”. The book is currently out of print but can be purchased for around $10 from a variety of sources including Amazon and Thriftbooks. White’s work includes several illustrations that remain important in discussions of what is creating the violence we see as “everyday” in our modern culture.

COURSE 2 - ‘LEADING PUBLIC PRAYER’ – presenter: Pastor Denise Haskins

Book: "Let the Whole Church Say Amen!" by Lawrence Hull Stookey (optional but recommended).

Public speaking continues to rank high among people's greatest fears, but perhaps only because public praying isn't listed as an option! Even if you've overcome anxiety about preaching, you may still struggle with how to pray aloud. So come learn and try out some practical exercises that will help you be more confident speaking to the Divine in front of the all-too-human.
Williamsport Lay Servant Academy classes are always open to anyone. They meet the requirements for the yearly class for CLM. They meet the requirements for the one class every three-year requirement for Certified Lay Servants and Certified Lay Ministers.


Flyer/Registration Form

Our Meet and Greets are set for May 6 and June 10 ... people need attend only one day.

In addition to the classes being offered by our district there are others offered throughout the conference.
There are also online courses available through the Board of Global Ministries: www.beadisciple.com/Lay-servantministriesThese courses vary length and cost.