Williamsport Lay Servant/Certified Lay Ministry Web site

Williamsport Lay Servant Ministry Web site

According to the 2016 Book of Discipline, there are three categories of persons who are required to take classes. These categories are Certified Lay Ministers (need a ten-hour class yearly), Certified Lay Speakers (those who took Basic in the past and have maintained their status with a minimum of a ten-hour class in the last three years), and Certified Lay Servants (those who have completed EGP and are staying current with an additional ten-hour class within the last three years). All three groups are required to fill out a form for Charge Conference each year and to meet with either the DCOM (for CLM) or the Lay Servant Committee at a “Meet and Greet Event” once every three years (both other groups).

There are no Courses being Offered at this time
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In addition to the classes being offered by our district there are others offered throughout the conference.
There are also online courses available through the Board of Global Ministries: www.beadisciple.com/Lay-servantministriesThese courses vary length and cost.