As United Methodists, we believe that we are in the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the
transformation of the world. Since its birth in 2010, our Susquehanna Conference has taken seriously its
task of providing resources to help every local church move toward greater vitality. Building upon the
College of Bishop’s “Call to Action” and the significant research done on behalf of the denomination, the
Vital Signs Dashboard has been designed as an internet based tool to help our local churches focus upon
areas of mission and ministry that will truly help us all to become more vital.

Each congregation is being asked to begin recording their weekly vital statistics to enable local church
and conference leaders to more effectively see trends and plot future growth and spiritual development.

The statistics for worship attendance, new membership, financial giving, small group participation and
mission involvement will be measured on this dashboard which is a denomination-wide tool designed
to help create vital congregations.

"More than simply numbers or statistics, we are recording a story of lives reached, touched and
transformed for Christ. Counting the lives we touch reminds us how important this work of mission and
ministry is to the transformation of God’s world,” says Rev. Mike Bealla, the former Director of Connectional
Ministries, “and we can live as those who are ‘Alive! In Christ Together!”

Additional Resources:
Vital Signs Quick Guide for Local Churches
Frequently Asked Questions about Vital Signs Dashboard
UM Vital Congregations Website
(describes the initiative for creating vital congregations, provides information on how to set goals, and includes a link to create church goals.)

Video about Vital Signs:

Vital Signs - What Should I Report?

VitalSigns - What should I report? from GCFA Admin on Vimeo.

If you have any questions, contact:
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