Congregational Health Ministries

The Congregational Health Ministries is dedicated to bringing health and wellness awareness to all congregations in the Susquehanna Conference. 

Parish Nursing, Congregational Health Ministry or Director of Health Ministry is more recently being addressed as Faith Community Nursing. This specialty nursing has grown to over 20, 000 registered nurses in Canada, United Kingdom, Korea, Australia, New Zealand Swaziland, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States.  The Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse focuses on the whole person to emphasize wellness, disease preventing and health promotion. 

Our goal of the Parish Nurse Program is to promote wellness and bring health education to our congregations by encouraging new and beneficial use of funding health and wellness projects within and around the congregation and community.

Roles of the Faith Community Nurse:

Integrator of Faith and Health – A faith community nurse assists faith community members to achieve higher levels of wellness by improving their spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Health Educator – Faith community nurses are available for health education, and provide opportunities to lean about health issues, individually and in groups.

Health Counselor – A faith community nurse is available to discuss health concerns, emphasizing response to small problems and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Referral Advisor –A faith community nurse is available to provide referrals to healthcare and social services within the community upon request.

Health Advocate – Faith community nurse speaks out to help obtain needed health related services.

Developer of Support Groups – A faith community nurse facilitates the development of support groups for the faith community and others served.

Volunteer Coordinator – A faith community nurse recruits, prepares and oversees volunteers who help those in need.

Congregational Health Ministries would like to once again remind all congregations that we will be helping to sponsor an educational opportunity for nurses who are interested in learning more about Parish Nursing. A Parish Nurse and Health Ministry Course are taught each spring and fall. Contach Dr. Ruth Stoll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

          • Parish Nurse Online Course Description
          • Parish Nurse Online or Classroom Course Flyer

Grant Information - Grant monies for wellness ministries will be considered in September each year.

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