Congregational Health Ministries

The Congregational Health Ministries is dedicated to bringing health and wellness awareness to all congregations in the Susquehanna Conference. 

Parish Nursing, Congregational Health Ministry or Director of Health Ministry is more recently being addressed as Faith Community Nursing. This specialty nursing has grown to over 15,000 registered nurses in Canada, United Kingdom, Korea, Australia, New Zealand Swaziland, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States.  The Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse focuses on the whole person to emphasize wellness, disease preventing and health promotion. 

Our goal of the Parish Nurse Program is to promote wellness and bring health education to our congregations by encouraging new and beneficial use of funding health and wellness projects within and around the congregation and community.

          • Foundations of Faith Community/Parish Nursing Course and Registration Form
          • Faith Community Nursing Course Online

Grant Information - Grant monies for wellness ministries will be considered in September each year.