EZRA Training Video & Additional Resources


This is a recording of the Finance/EZRA training held on December 12, 2017. Topics covered are:

  • 2017 Statistical Report Changes
  • Shares of Ministry Calculation
  • Remittance Information
  • Benefit Information

This training is meant for Local Church Treasurers/ Finance Teams and Clergy who deal with annual statistics, shares of ministry and benefit calculation/payments.

Downloadable video

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EZRA Training Video &
Additional Resources

Notes on Church People for UMC Stats *(4:10)

EZRA Statistics Module Church Users Guide *(11:35)

Local Church Report to the Annual Conference Table Directions *(16:18)

EZRA Report with Line Number Reference *(17:50)

Shares of Ministry Calculation *(38:25)

Shares of Ministry Calaculation Example *(42:35)

Remittance Information *(51:40)

Benefits Information *(59:40)


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