Issue: #AC17005
March 1, 2017

8th Session of the Susquehanna Annual Conference
May 4-6, 2017


Memorial Service, Thursday,
May 4, 2017:

Mission Central (7050)
is the place of miracles, now including 37 HUBS, "connecting God's resources with human need" through mission education, mission outreach, and disaster response. Annually, over
$7-10 million worth of goods are distributed through Mission Central transforming over three million lives locally, nationally, and globally. Your generous offering contributions make the daily operations possible.




Celebration of Ministry, Friday,
May 5, 2017:

The Seminary Debt Fund (7160)
helps clergy, who are under appointment, with their debts from their seminary education. Pastors often graduate from seminary with upwards of $25,000 of debt for their schooling (not counting debt for undergraduate studies). This fund is designed to help those who are appointed in the Susquehanna Conference pay off the seminary debt they accrued as they were getting the necessary education to further their ministry among us in a timely manner.


Ordination Service, Saturday,
May 6, 2017:

Bishop's Partners in Mission (7090
) calls us to Imagine No Malaria and Imagine No More Debt! 100% of the proceeds from this fund go to Imagine No Malaria (the UMC's global campaign to fight malaria) and paying down the debt of Mission Central so they can focus on their core mission of connecting God's resources with human need. Bishop Park is inviting individuals, congregations and church groups to join him and be Partners in Mission, committing to $100 or more a year. Whatever you can give helps the lives of those locally and around the world. God is still calling us to imagine great things, he is calling us to Imagine What We Can Do Together!

Please make checks payable to Susquehanna Conference and include your church number and the advance number (listed after the name above) on the memo line of the check.


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  Opening Celebration
  Memorial Service
  Celebration of Ministry Service
  Service of Commissioning and Ordination 

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"By your Spirit, Make Us One" Bookmark  (3/sheet PDF)
used during Rev. Dr. Ken Loyer's Bible Study on May 6

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